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Gate Keepers

26 Oct 2012 PDFPrintE-mail

The job of keeping the gate in the city/country is very important. There are people who are employed to watch the gate all the time. Such people would work in shifts and take their turns to do this job.

Gate keepers are watchers. In the Old Testament, gate keepers were watchers in the physical sense because they would be sitting at the gate opening their eyes to see what was coming in and going out of the city. In some cities, you would find a huge wall surrounding the city with rooms for the watchers. On top of the wall, there would be towers where watchers would sit and watch. They would be there to see what was coming in and what was going out. It is very important to have watchers in the country, in the city and in the church. If a country is without watchers, anything can invade such a country. When you enter certain government buildings, you are scanned at the entrance to check if you do not carry a gun or any other dangerous weapon. Those people at the entrance are watchers or gate keepers.

It’s the case with a church or a country. There should be people whose duty is to watch and see what is coming in before it comes in. There should be watchers to see the movements of things in the spirit realm, economically, in security, in health and other areas in the country. These are people who can see what is going to happen in the country because they have inside information. These people are found throughout the world. Every country has intelligence services which are also found in the other countries. They are established to monitor everything and know what happens in secret places. Even with the September 11 bombing of the American twin towers, it is believed that the CIA had learned about it before it happened.  These are gate keepers.

The same applies to the church. The church should have intelligence services. It should have people who can see in the spirit. These people should have the right frequencies which can pick things from the satellite and bring them down.

Remember the story of Elisha? There was this king of Syria who wanted to attack Samaria. Every time he planned an ambush, Elisha would go and tell the king of Samaria of the planned attack and the details of the attack. As a result the plans of the king of Syria would be thwarted because there was a watcher. Even when they changed their strategies and tactics, Elisha still picked it up and notified the king and in that way the city of Samaria stayed protected.

So gate keepers see things before they happen and they do something about it. In the context of the church, it is when we see things in the spirit and engage those things in prayer.  Gate keepers are prayer warriors, intercessors and gap standers. When they see things, they do not leave them the way they are but they engage these things in prayer.  When God speaks a prophetic word, they activate that word through prayer. Gate keepers do not take prophecy for granted; instead, every prophetic word is important to them and it becomes a prayer point. When gate keepers meet people and pick up things about such people in the spirit, they don’t go around talking about these things. Instead, they go to their rooms and engage these things in prayer for these people. When gate keepers pick up that a person is under attack, they make that person a prayer point and a prayer assignment.

Gate keepers are burden carriers. They carry the burden of the people and of the church. Gate keepers are groaners. They carry the burden and groan in the spirit (of intercession) because to them what the devil does in people’s lives is injustice. When gate keepers see people suffering, they say to themselves that no one deserves this. Gap standers carry the burden of the Lord and of the people.

The burden of the Lord is the word that the Lord wants to deliver to His people. It is a prophetic declaration and a seasonal word that burns in the gate keeper when as yet it is not time to release it. Consequently it becomes a burden because it is waiting for the time to be released. It’s like a pregnant woman who is waiting for her child to be born. In Tsonga we say “ u na ndzhwalo,” which means that she has a burden because the time has not yet arrived for the child to be born. So when you carry the word of the Lord for a particular season and it’s not yet time to release it, it is called the burden of the Lord.

The burden of the people is the cry of the people. People may be smiling outside, but you can hear their cry on the inside. In the book of Exodus God says: “I hear the cry of my people, I hear their groaning, I hear them moaning, therefore I have come down to deliver them.” That is the burden of the people. God also carries the burden of the people. God carried the burden of the Israelites when they were in captivity.

Jeremiah was also a burden carrier, that’s why he interceded for the Israelites. When the time for the Israelites to be released from captivity had arrived, Jeremiah prayed to God and reminded Him of that fact. Daniel was also a burden carrier. Remember, these prophets worked at the same time, i.e. Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Haggai and others. This was a company of prophets; they were contemporaries. The release of the Israelites from captivity came because these burden carriers interceded for Israel.  We need burden carriers in the church who can hear the cry of the people. Even when a person pretends to be fine, burden carriers will know that such a person is not fine because they can hear what is inside which other people cannot hear. Those are watchers.

Habakkuk 2:1. Remember, I said that watchers used to sit on the tower. However, Habakkuk was not going to literally sit on the tower and open his physical eyes , but he was going to open his spiritual eyes and see  what the Lord would show him and hear what the Lord would tell him. So, gate keepers are hearers and seers.  It is necessary that a gate keeper operates in the discerning of spirits because this is a gift of hearing and seeing in the spirit. So, Habakkuk said that he would go to the tower to hear and see in the spirit because he would discern and capture what God was saying in the spirit realm.

Gate keepers are prophetic because they start to see frequently. When you become a gate keeper, the Lord will activate your spiritual gifts, especially the prophetic gifting. You start to hear and see frequently. You can see and hear what God is saying about other people and you will take the message to them. This gift will be activated more when you spend time in prayer. If you spend time with God, God will speak to you frequently and you will hear His voice.  You should not be someone who prays for yourself only, but you should pray for others and the church. Many Christians do not understand what prayer is because they only come to pray when we are praying for our own needs. If you want God to show you things about other people or about the church, pray about that thing. God will speak to you about that thing that you pray for because it is your burden.

I believe that in these last days, God will raise watchers who will say “thus says the Lord” to the president, premier, mayor, counselor, chief, etc. Such gate keepers will encounter the glory of God because as God enters the city, He will find them at the gate. Jesus said that He is the true shepherd and that He enters through the door, and anyone who enters though the window is a thief. It means that everything that God will do will enter through the door. So, the gate keeper will be first to encounter God and angels at the gate. When the angels visited Sodom and Gomorrah, they found Lot because his house was at the gate of the city. Lot was the first to receive the angels and was consequently saved with his family.

When the angels visited Abraham, he was at the gate watching and expecting.  That’s why when a woman is pregnant, we say she has a burden and that she is expecting. Gate keepers expect and they want to see God appear. When Jacob was sleeping at Bethel, running away from his brother Esau, he saw a ladder touching heaven and earth. That was the gate of heaven. When you stay at the gate, you will encounter heaven. You will hear and see things and God will visit you at the gate. The ladder that touches heaven and earth will bring heavenly things to you. You must have the ‘software’ to download the things of heaven.

Gate keepers blow the trumpet and warn the people. God said to Ezekiel: “I have made you a watchman.” To be God’s watchman is better than being a president of a country. David said that dwelling in the house of the Lord one day is better than a thousand days elsewhere. Being at the gate of the city of God is better than being in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hawaii, etc. Being at the gate of heaven, where the Lord Jesus and angels pass everyday is very precious and better than being anywhere else in the world.

There was another gate keeper named Mordecai in the Book of Esther. He stayed at the gate and brought protection to all the Jews under that kingdom. These Jews were nearly killed, but because there was a gate keeper, he picked it in the spirit and did something about it. Gate keepers always do something about what they pick in the spirit. Mordecai went into prayer and also advised Esther on what to do. So, gate keepers save the nation. I believe that six million Jews were killed by Hitler because there were no gate keepers and everyone was comfortable.

Sometimes, when things are going well in our lives, we forget about gate keeping and leave the gates open. During this time, anything can come in because there are no watchmen at the gate. Gate keepers cover the church and that’s why there are angels who are gate keepers. Every church has gate keepers who are angels watching over that church and the people in it. Apart from these angels, even human beings who are gate keepers provide covering for the church. They pray for us every day. When we see things going well in our lives, it is because there are people praying for us. We need people like that in the church, who will pray for everybody. God is looking for such watchers/gate keepers.

These watchers lay down their lives for the sake of others. Remember, when you employ a watchman to watch over your house while you and your family sleep, he is first to confront danger when there is an attack. This means that the watchman lays down his life for the whole family. Therefore, we must have watchmen in the church who lay down their lives for the sake of others. This means that as a watchman, you will be attacked by the enemy because you are praying for, and protecting others. A gate keeper should not be afraid because there is a greater gate keeper whose name is Jesus Christ. The Bible says that He does not stop interceding for us. This means that you are also covered as you cover others. Gate keepers have very powerful angels that also protect them. The devil does not want people who see things in the spirit and he wants everybody to be blind in the spirit. May your spiritual ears and eyes be opened. God says that we must become gate keepers and sit on the tower to hear what He will say and see what he will show us.